Tales in the Wind

Tail in the WindOld dogs
Still havin’ fun
Runnin’ short
In the wind

Tail waggin’
all braggin’
WE be the Big Dogs.

butt it’s cold.

Snow, Fall, Winter

Big Snow Trac

Your Home Away From Home


Home AloneA photographer’s kitchen.

Dark as the devil’s den.

Pulling away the light.

Away from the capture

M E D I U M.

A spiral staircase,

an electric escalator

of tiny electrons

moving toward

a sordid

I N T E R F A C E.

A soft brush of light


Your retina rods

like Kansas wheat




storm that drives


The Photographer,

for… perhaps

THAT day.




New Mirage

Evening Star 3778-  L1016674 - Version 3

Warscher Woman

WarscherWhen you warsch out your blues

you warsch out your dreams.

Wringing out the process of daily how to.

Making a special thing about following

the thread…without the pain.

Nobody ever lived without, just so much ptomaine

from that funky little restaurant.

And worth it it was

like a talk in your head





My Sister’s Future Days are Coming Past

and she slowly drew a leaf

Epic after Buffalo 1043-  L1014872


I saw my sister draw a leaf and I asked her where she learned the sequence. However—beyond all reason—she didn’t believe any part of it was her.

She anticipated dad and mom in the development of her talents. She understood edges, but not flying. She saw teachers. She saw lovers. Sometimes both together.

Yet, somewhere a youthful fulcrum shattered, and plunged the artful balance to the fudge-mud, adobe-stuff, plaster-stiffening, everyday-molasses, slowly-slowing…end.


Snowy Way


Snowy Way

Base Station LU


Reality sometimes wraps around my shoulders when I’m working.


Base Station


Mostly, though I am able to soak up the fantasy of my

Base Station,

Toss it through the screen of my lies

and make myself Be. . .albeit a little more slowly

than those of my friends, who actually take their cue

from others.

Purple Haze


Tucson Monsoon

Tucson Monsoon